OpenStep - Next Step

2017-01-05 10:41:41 by victor

OpenSTEP - NexSTEP - Rhapsody Software

Finally online again!

A huge software collecion for OpenStep and NextStep OS's its online again.

Maybe the last Software Resorces for OpenStep NextStep and Rhapsody OS

If you have software, SHARE it!

Software/ISO for OpenSTEP NextStep Rhapsody

Welcome to UnIRC

2017-01-04 17:53:55 by victor

UnIRC it's a international I.R.C. network around the world.

Has been created to group people interested in Open Sources and Unix like Operating system

Connect to the irc network

List of the irc Servers:

|Server | Port | SSL Port | Location

| | 6667 | 6697 | Lanciano, Italy

| | 6667 | N/A | Buenos Aires, Argentina